Julie - Arizona

It's been a little over two years since we bought our Heartland Custom Specvette and I can honestly tell you there isn't a time that I get behind the wheel that I don't marvel at the beauty, handling and performance of my car. Mint Julep (that's what I've named her) is not only a head turner but she elicits child-like screams of joy from whomever gets the pleasure of sitting in the passenger seat. One of my favorite all time memories is the day I took my brother-in-law Trevor (who was dying of cancer at the time) on his very last car ride along the California coast. For one glorious moment he held his arms up in the air and let the ocean air rush over him as I pushed the pedal to the metal and she roared down the coast. He let out a whoop of joy and turned to me and said, "Whatever you do, promise me you won't ever sell this car!" He passed a few weeks later. I just want you to know Jeff, that that moment is what this car epitomizes; thrills, joy, freedom and fun. I thank God for that day and thank YOU for making it possible by building the car of my dreams...and by the way, I'll never sell her!

Matt - Indiana

The process of selecting a premier restorer at best is a tedious effort. It requires interviewing multiple sources, talking with past customers and ultimately meeting face to face in order to ensure a true professional with the right capabilities is chosen. I cannot stress this point enough. This search led me to Heartland Customs in Purcell, OK who I believe stands above their peers.  

Jeff Page, with his wife Char and a hand picked crew of specialists, took on the task of relentlessly restoring every detail of my 1963 Split Window Corvette. Not only was the car brought up to date maintaining the original beauty of GM’s design, Jeff & crew significantly improved upon GM's production quality which most know was a bit sloppy back in 1963. During each phase, numerous photos and discussions regarding their progress took place. In my opinion Heartland’s exemplary commitment to keeping their customers informed throughout the entire process is the hallmark of excellence in today’s high end restoration industry. What Jeff personally delivered last week is nothing but pure excellence. It doesn't get better than this!

For those thinking of undertaking a similar project, be sure to keep in mind that restorations require patience, and understanding that true art takes time. So do your due diligence and most likely you'll come to the same conclusion as me. The best advice I can offer is to go into your build with one thing in mind.  It’s the end result that matters!  

Rod - Tennessee

Once my wife and I decided to have a classic Corvette of our dreams built the hard part stared us in the face.  We took to fellow car enthusiast friends and the internet to help us find our builder.  It was certainly something that we didn't take lightly as we had heard of many hard luck stories where things had not worked out so well for people.  

After eliminating any local prospects we began taking a much more thorough look online at several specific builds. We had identified a few builds that we had either seen displayed at SEMA, in magazines or at high end auctions. Next came the series of phone calls, aka interviews, with prospective builders to shorten the list down to one.  During this process the '58 SPECVETTE #001 was the car that connected us with Jeff Page & his team at Heartland Customs. I actually visited one other out of state builder prior to digging deeper into getting to know Jeff & his operation. 

I can tell you that from the first phone call until the third phone, which lead us to driving 10 hrs to visit Heartland Customs, it was easy to determine that Jeff was a cut above the others. He wasn't pressuring or ever out of patience at all, as this was our first restomod experience, therefore we had lots of questions that he had answered many times for others but always took the time we needed to understand the process, quality of work, options available, timing, etc.

We wanted a '63 SWC SPECVETTE and did not have a donor. Jeff was instrumental in helping us find one. After I acquired the car he stepped in to assist getting it to his shop. My wife, son and I then scheduled our design day visit with Jeff. That was a very good experience and something that was a key part of the journey. Definitely worth the time & energy. Makes the car that much more special to you in the long run.  

From there Jeff, Char & his team took on the process of the build, even a few months before he had committed to start on the project.  We were extremely pleased with the build process. Jeff sent pics along the way and what was even more impressive were the detailed touches and designs that he did above & beyond what we had asked for or included in the price of the build. 

Once the car was completed and delivered we were blown away with the craftsmanship. The car exceeded our expectations. We've averaged nearly 1,000 miles a year on the car since it was delivered in '16. It's won numerous Best of Shows, best Corvette, Sponsor's choice, you name it, etc. All those accolades go to Jeff and his team for making what was a very rusted donor car into a rolling modern classic masterpiece. Can't talk about the build process without mentioning BJ.  BJ did a great job on every aspect he touched and took incredible pride in his work. Can't look at meticulous welds on our custom exhaust and not think of BJ. 

Something worth noting is we recently had a first generation Bronco, that's been in the family nearly 50 years, totally restored like Jeff does on Corvettes and other cars. Jeff and I even talked about this project before we hired anyone to do the work. Based on my personal schedule on timing for the build I used a very well known Bronco specialist to do the frame off restoration. Unfortunately I can't say our experience was anywhere near the same. It had every opportunity & possibility to be the same kind of great experience/journey we had with Jeff & HC but it fell short on several aspects.  After having such exceptional service and very high quality from Jeff it was apparent that halfway through the build process it wasn't anything close to the same. We've put over 2,000 miles on our Bronco, it's a great build and lots of family value in it but the builder experience was night and day. I have even thought of having Jeff possibly do some touch up work on the build.

Jeff is more than a builder, he's been a person you can call a friend through the passion you'll share with him about cars & trucks.  Even 4 years after delivery we still connect about many things other than our awesome SPECVETTE.